Saturday, 30 August 2008

Do believe the hype

OMG have you heard of The Hype Machine?! No, not the army of lackeys and sycophants employed by the likes of Coldplay to brainwash the public into wanting to buy their new album, but the music blog aggregator website. OK, I admit it, I'm way behind on this one, given that the site launched way back in 2005, but I HAD to tell someone - everyone! - about it.

The Hype Machine tracks music blogs that post mp3 files and saves the mp3 link on the Hype Machine database. Users can then search the site for their favourite band, for example the Mystery Jets, and use the controls at the bottom of the page to listen to one long playlist of all the tracks from that band that have been posted online.

The website has album and single tracks from stadium fillers like the Kaiser Chiefs to the most obscure of obscure indie bands. In particular, the site is great for remixes, check out this CSS remix of The Cribs 'Men's Needs' if you need convincing. You can also click though to the original blog post to read what whoever posted your new favourite track has to say about the band.

And here's where it gets interesting - with a bit of fiddling round via the original blog post you can download many of the tracks on Hype Machine for free. A bit time consuming maybe, but the music is free you hear me, free! Of course, Hype Machine doesn't condone this kind of behaviour and neither do I, ahem, so you're just going to have to use your initiative and lots of right clicking to get your dirty paws on those remixes.

I. am. addicted. To get you started, how about The Faint's remix of The Yeah Yeah Yeahs 'Y Control'? Or a remix of a certain 'Oxford Comma'? Have fun!

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Stew said...

You can make downloading a one click operation if you get your nerd on. You need to be using Firefox.

step 1. install Greasemonkey

step 2. get the 'hype machine direct downloads' script here.

step 3. reload Hype Machine. Wait for the page to load completely. There should now be little disk icons next to each song title. Click on the disk to download the mp3.

Saves lots of time.