Thursday, 12 February 2009

The musical revolution will be blogafied...if we can be bothered that is.

If there was any proof 2008 was a year replete with fantastical and grandiose music our top five list was it.

The sheer range of exciting and diverse albums picked by you, the readers, told a story of a thousand words and indicated that as we venture further into a nanny state where we are constantly told what to wear, eat, listen to and watch.. Your taste in music is utterly dependent on no one but yourself and that is, in no uncertain terms, a marvellous thing.
Maybe it’s because music is so accessible now but the success of some albums by bands rarely given the light of day by the most cloth-eared of publications shows that we’re constantly striving for that something new, untested and forward thinking.

‘Saint Dymphna’ by Gang Gang Dance coming in at number two is a prime example as is the emergence of Abe Vigoda’s ‘Skeleton’ at number three. The fact Abe Vigoda have only emerged in the past 6 months due to the success of a community centre in LA shows how far and wide we’re searching for good music.

Of course the likes of Kings Of Leon, Elbow, TV On The Radio and Radiohead frequenting our list is obvious but they are, in their own right, good solid albums and fully deserve to grace any list published in the past month or so.

One trend that was evident throughout 2008 was that all the best music was made by our friends over the pond. Vampire Weekend, MGMT, Fleet Foxes, Santogold and White Denim were just a few of many that not only made our list but lists of publications on both sides of the Atlantic.

Just as pant wetting though was the goings on in a local community centre situated in downtown LA. ‘The Smell’ unequivocally produced the most exciting, hip and awe-inspiring scene this side of the Twentieth century.
Existing on a foundation of volunteers of all ages and a spirit of innovation and creativity up-held by everyone from the bands to the doormen via the vegan stall venders to the sound engineers. The Smell sprang to prominence in 2008 as a hub of magnificence and excellence showcasing a rosta of bands so good it made the Old Blue Last look like a breeding ground for the next Wombats.
Of the bands hitting up Hollywood three emerged as the main pretenders. Abe Vigoda, No Age and Mika Miko all made music fresher than any released before them. Check out the blog this weekend for an article that I wrote for Seven over the festive period dedicated to the The Smell and all it’s wonder.

As for 2009? Well if a chat with a A&R man for Rough Trade records was anything to go by then all the right noises will once again come from the US.
While some publications cling to the tailcoats of doom mongers White Lies and the shoulder pads of 80’s obsessed La Roux. Those with just an ounce of class will realise the DIY ethics of Micachu and The Shapes, let’s Wrestle and Televised Crimewave are where it’s at. Although, the fact it took me 20 minutes to even come up with those says it all.

The States however have Women, Wetdog, Telepathe and King Khan and the BBQ Show to name but a fucking Trillion to make your knees go all wibbaly wobbly. It’s not fair is it? But you shouldn’t give a shit. You’ll still get to hear em and I’ll put my hat on them smashing up our shores throughout the year.

So what you need to do is keep checking the blog for our definitive guide to the best British and American bands to make sexy noises in your ear ‘oles this year. HIGH FIVES YA'LL!!

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