Sunday, 5 October 2008

Band on the run

Last week it was proven that listening to music can increase exercise capacity. Good news for Simian Mobile Disco then, who have produced a running soundtrack in collaboration with Nike. The track is imaginatively called Run and is 27:37 in duration. For the less athletic of you, there's a 5:42 free "edit" on iTunes so you can have a taste of the track when stationary. The pounding beats sound a bit slow to me and I'm no Usain Bolt, although according to the top fitness gurus at NME the pace of the track is the ideal bpm for runners.

SMD are following in the footsteps of LCD Soundsystem, who made the track 45.33 for Nike in November last year.


Richard Anderson said...

Mucho Kudos for the Paul McCartney Wings reference

Helen Jaques said...

I'm already itching to use 'Maybe I'm amazed' as a post title... we could get something going here!