Friday, 3 April 2009

Predictable? Maybe...but I'm Starting Over

If there's one thing you can expect to see on 'Is There Anything...' its the obligatory Black Lips post.

I know it, you know it, everyone knows it, we champion the Black Lips and I can be as sure as hell that those boys, those lovely bloody boys appreciate every single miss-spelt, factually inaccurate word we cast upon this very blog.

So, in what I'm desperate to call 'Black Lips Watch' but will refrain in an attempt to keep at least a handful of followers, I'm gonna post every ounce of news-worthy or not so news-worthy news on the Black Lips in the lead up to the Great Escape festival. A festival in which we will meet the band. That's right, MEET THE BAND. I've got wet.

As a dynamic blogging force, the Great Escape will be our first festival together so expect plenty of shenanigans being recorded for your reading-the-blog-while-you-should-be-filling-in-Health-and-Safety-inspection-sheets-or-something-along-those-lines pleasure. We'll upload news, photo's, anecdotes and maybe the odd interview as we indulge in three days of satirical seaside silliness.

So, to get us started, below is a link to the festival plus the excellent video to 'I'll Be With You' the second single to be released from 200 Million Thousand, Black Lips second UK album.

I already know what my next Black Lips post will be so keep tuned and I'll be back in a jiffy. Peace out homes.

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Helen Jaques said...

Uh, hello, I'm not coming to Great Escape... yet. Maybe I should hotfoot down to Brighton for the Saturday.

Congrats on snaring the Black Lips for an interview BTW, I hope you don't explode with excitement before you get a chance to write it up!