Saturday, 22 November 2008

Is There Anything Playlist MK1

If you haven’t heard already, this weekends going to be colder than the shoulder of Terry Butcher.
So the perfect opportunity then to stay indoors and submerge yourself in the best new music out there.
Here’s the first of many Is There Anything Else...Playlists to keep away the no money, recession biting, shivering like a shitting dog blues.

Chairlift – Bruises

Oh Brooklyn. Not content with giving us Vampire Weekend, MGMT and Yeasayer. A whole set of new bands are set to steal the hearts of music lovers once again. Chairlift? Genre-hopping, psychedelic brilliance. Check them out at Madame Jo Jo’s Nov 25th.

Telepathe – Chromes On It

Sorry to sound repetitive but Telepathe are from Brooklyn too and their Shoegaze, grime death disco beats are the future. They play Catch on Nov 24th.

Mika Miko – Capricorinations

Not from Brooklyn but the other hub of creativity over the pond, LA. Born from The Smell scene, their scatter-punk bullets will leave a little wet patch in your panties and heart as heavy as a ten-ton truck. Catch them at
The Dome, Tufnell Park Dec 2nd.

Ox.Eagle.Lion.Man – Thy Will Be Done

Theatrical, biblical, essential. Frederick Blood-Royale and his disciples are making melodramatic music like it’s the end of the world as we know it. Hey, perhaps it is.

Dead Kids- Snakes

One listen and you’ll be dancing on the ceiling. A stunt performed on a regular basis by these bonkers East London head cases. Playing Astoria 2 Dec 6th.

Jay Reatard – All Over Again

Punching kids in the face aside, Jay Reatard’s brand of surf-punk will shatter your brain like tiny shards of quavers. Presumably from the packet Reatard stole from your sobbing brother. He’s ace and so are his live shows. Catch him at The Old Blue Last Nov 24th.

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