Wednesday, 12 November 2008

These are things I have listened to recently

This could be the start of a sporadic post for me, an insight into just how blinkered my view of music really is. I might call it something like, ‘this is things I have listened to recently’.

Next week: ‘these are things I refused to listen to recently’ (thanks, Dan).

Avett Brothers ‘Mignonette’ – The Avetts won best newcomer at 2007’s Americana Music Association Awards despite the duo having been producing bewildering two part harmonies and sentimental contemporary bluegrass for 7 years.

Abe Vigoda ‘Skeleton’ – Named after the “who is that guy?” character actor from the first two Godfather films, these are the bastard sons of Vampire Weekend with a brand of scattershot-punk-tropicalia emanating from the The Smell, LA.

Bob Dylan ‘Live 1966’ – The erroneously titled ‘Albert Hall’ gig at the Free Trade Hall, Manchester. The one where a heckler, disgruntled with his storming leap from acoustic to electric shouts “Judas”, to which Dylan simply retorts, “you’re a liar”.

Collings and Herrin Podcasts – Yeah the Adam and Joe podcast, with catchphrases and songwars is great, but Andrew Collins and Richard Herring do an hour of unscripted bollocks looking at the last weeks news that I relish every Monday morning.

Crystal Stilts ‘Alight of the Night’ – In the Jurassic way my mind works Crystal Stilts were supposed to sound like a cross between The Slits and Crystal Castles. They don’t. They are better than that.

Langhorne Slim – For a couple of days previous and everyday since the Borderline I have been ploughing through everything I own from Langhorne and finding stuff I don’t. Check out for 5 free session downloads.

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