Wednesday, 23 July 2008

He May Be Black, He May Be White

... don't fight.

Wondered if anyone else caught this bit of news from The Guardian via Pitchfork;

According to a statement from Bloc Party's management (originally reported in the Guardian and later confirmed by a publicist), the Sex Pistols were hanging out backstage at Summercase with a bunch of other bands when Okereke decided to ask Lydon if Public Image Ltd., his influential post-Sex Pistols band, would ever reunite. Guess the answer is no. The statement continues, "The Sex Pistols singer became intimidating and aggressive while his entourage responded with a racist tirade including the statement, 'your problem is your black attitude.'

"Kele was then set upon by three members of Lydon's crew who punched him in the face and head as well as attacking people who tried to protect Kele from the assault including Yannis Philippakis from Foals and Kaiser Chiefs' Ricky Wilson. The incident was broken up by festival security and was later reported to Spanish police. Kele also reported the incident to police in the UK after returning from Spain."

Dan recently met Steve Jones and he didn't mention anything to suggest he would be involved in those sort of shenanigans.

Check out for the full story

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Daniel Wade said...

Judging by the the circumference of Steve Jones' waist I doubt he was involved in the fracas.

Interesting to find out Kele likes PIL aint it. Maybe we could get him to write a feature on them? You've got his number right?

Then again,I could just give Jah a bell!