Monday, 7 July 2008

Is there anything else i can help you with...

crams the best of Levi's Vintage Clothing and nut bustingly ace music into a little blog and onion pie so glorious you ravenous little cretins can indulge in all our glorious filth.

Each week we'll feature our favourite piece of LVC and scribe about what needs to be heard, seen or danced too in the frivolous world of alternative/obtuse music.

Expect us to recite the most trivial details of any piece of LVC in review or feature form. Then marvel at the way we put together superlative laden sentences in order to introduce new bands as well as posting songs, videos and gig dates.

Of course all this gives you yet another reason to neglect your loyal loved. You know, the one who's upstairs right now, sitting alone in a darkened room watching Big Brother, cursing their monotonous existence and you for being such a useless prick. But remember to tell them when they come down that the workings of Delta 5 and 1967 505's are important and they will understand...right?

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