Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Let there be Blood

Young blood, that is, or, indeed, Youngbloods.

Judging by their recent show at Concorde 2 in Brighton the supposedly ironically titled Black Kids would have done just as well to name themselves after the only actual black kids in the group - the charismatic Youngbloods.

OK, so this suggestion may be a step too far considering the insipid contribution from every member during band's less than raring opening with Partie Traumatic, but the irresistible eighties riff of Hit the Heartbrakes is the kickstart needed to get this gig really going.

While Reggie Youngblood allegedly underestimates his charm there is no danger of making the same mistake when it comes to his sister Ali, who muscles her way into the limelight with each sexy swing of her hips and sultry glance across the audience. The tension between the two is palpable at moments as both clearly feel they should be the center of attention, but Reggie has an unfair advantage with his lion's share of the vocals and undeniably better singing voice.

While Ali's bratty vocals are nevertheless crucial to the band’s sound, any contribution from fellow keyboard player Dawn Watley is soured by her sullen expression – she looks so utterly bored you wonder whether she's on autopilot until she snaps out of it and performs a cursory twirl. Token ballad I’m Making Eyes At You frankly bores everyone though, so she's not on her own for a few minutes.

Throughout the gig Reggie’s lyrical bluster isn’t quite matched by his onstage presence, and he actually looks quite alarmed when he dares to engage the somewhat raucous audience in a mods vs rockers vote.

The band finally seem to be in their element playing their hit I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How To Dance With You, roping the crowd into shouting along ‘1-2-3-4’ as the song ramps up to the chorus. They wrap everything up with Listen To Your Body Tonight and Ali has one last grab at center stage, clearly savouring the saucy lyrics of this tune and supplementing them with a finger wagging refrain.


Daniel Wade said...

This is great Helen thank you. What have you got lined up next?

Helen Jaques said...

Still brewing a Mars Volta review...

It's fun to write more creatively, I love adjectives and hyperbole!