Saturday, 12 July 2008

Take your mind off

...denim for five minutes for chrissakes.

Before going out tonight i figured it was a good time to soak the starch out of my two recent denim purchases, Wrangler 27MW Blue Bell denim shirt like Steve Mcqueen wears in the William Claxton photos and LVC Denim Family sawtooth denim shirt that Levis sold out of and I had to track down at Selfridges. It started pissing down with rain as I was half way through and the first thing I thought of was how was I going to wear my raw 66 501s without them getting soaked. I also wondered how interesting it would have been to have soaked my denim in the torrential rain instead of the bath.

Eventually made it out to the pub in Greenwich wearing the 66s. I spent the night trying to avoid being noticed squirming on whichever seat I used, with every twist of the butt progressing the potential fade in the seat. The phrase geek was thrown at me more than once throughout the evening and I had no reasonable answer, in my friends eyes at least.

Of course the evening endured a couple of Staropramens and I avoided several spillages across the community table. A lift home avoided the rain at a bus stop and now the 66s are left lying in a pile at the foot of the bed. Just think of those creases forming, to be worn in properly tomorrow. I can feel it in my bones, these jeans are destined for great things.

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