Sunday, 7 September 2008

Anti Folking hell it's good.

I'm not sure whether it was the whole falling under the spell of Peggy Sue but of late the musical genre that is Anti-folk has well and truly lodged itself deep into my Grey matter and barring a drill to the head Saw 3 style it aint-a-comin-out.

Our love-in was confirmed on Wednesday night in deepest darkest Bethnal Green where Laura Marling,with her swelling heart and mercury shortlisted album in tow , produced the gig of the year to a awe-inspired audience, Anit-folk it has to be said, stepped it up a notch.

With the likes of Marling, Noah and The Whale, Peggy Sue, Jeramey Warmsley, Mumford and Sons and Johnny Flynn all making big moves in the 'game' this year, it wont be long until Anti-folk's taking over your life and you'll find yourself in the New Forest with an acoustic guitar making up songs about superhero's, crazy burgers and lovers crawling out of the sea.

These are some gems you need to get you ear ol's round:

Peggy Sue-Superman
Johnny Flynn-All The Dogs Are Lying Down
Moldy Peaches-Downloading Porn With Davo
Mumford and Sons-Awake My Soul
Noah and The Whale-Give A Little Love
Laura Marling-My Manic and I

All this talk of Anti-folk does make me feel like I'm cheating on Post-Punk so I found this clip on You Tube of Jeffrey Lewis documenting the life and times of The Fall.

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