Wednesday, 27 August 2008

1000 Robota. Hoxton Sq

When a bare chested Joe Lean of Jing Jang Jong fame and a wide-eyed Babyshamble pull shapes in amongst us mere mortals you’d expect even the most star-studded show to be stolen.
Tonight however, deep in the hub of scenester depravity all the Jagger-jiggery and inabition abandonment in the world, let alone Hoxton, couldn’t prize the most ‘Heat’ hardened eyes from the stage.
In what can only be described as a moment of seminality, 1000 Robota ripped through a set of the utmost ferocity that will only hasten their return to England and to an ever-growing fan base that was out in full-force this evening.
It’s hard to believe that a band so young and, well, so German (they sing in their mother tongue) could cause such a stir amongst fans and record labels alike but the sheer brutishness and urgency in which they play to an enthralled audience goes a long way to explaining it.
'Hamberg Brennt', their unhinged, powerhouse of a banger was as marvellous live as we all hoped it would be but it was 'Sachen Erleben' and 'Wir Bauen Eine Neue Stadt', particularly the latter that not only channelled the un-nerving, raw spirit of Gang of Four and Television but their pure fervour made John Lydon look like an ageing Tory (Oh hang on?).
Some may think a devoted audience and an Indie-elite fan club would be enough to suggest 1000 Robota are a shoe-in for further British dates. An opportunity to rest on their laurels? Not a chance. Set closer 'Mein Traum' is played with so much force guitar strings snap, fingers split and instruments get splattered with blood. It’s a thrilling finale that capturesthe pure brilliance of a band your just gonna have to get used to. Just make sure you’re neither squirmish nor star struck.

Review by Daniel Wade

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