Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Peggy Sue, The Social, London.

"Oh, I'm not going to be able to watch daytime Television, I miss those days", Shrieks Katy.
Welcome to the "busiest week in Peggy Sue's history, ever." A week in which they take to the stage 7 times, play instore's, appear on ITN news and release their debut EP 'Body Parts'.
"I said that not realising it was actually going to be true, I thought I was being over the top but apparently not."
Already today Peggy Sue, aka Rosa Rex and Katy Klaw, have sat through more interviews than they've ever had, which is probably why when 4or The Record turn up at The Social, a cabin-like hot box of a venue, the girls are nowhere to be seen.
You see, the promotion of a bands debut EP wouldn't normally warrant the kind of exposure and excitement that surrounds the latest release from Peggy Sue and the Pictures, so called because Peggy Sue have acquired the backing of Left Of Picture (veterans of the UK folk scene), but this is no ordinary release.
It's one that captures the sound of a scene that’s at the forefront of the industry's thoughts. As well as Peggy Sue, the likes of Laura Marling, Johnny Flynn, Noah and the Whale and Jeremy Warmsley are all flooding through the door Kate Nash and Jack Penaté spectacularly smashed down for them last summer.
It's something the girls are aware of and hugely excited about. During a whirlwind 12 months they were whisked off on tour with Kate Nash, an experience that went a long way in shaping and preparing the girls for what was to come. "Touring with Kate was fantastic but we hardly saw her" sighs Rosa. "She would be like, "I can see you for 5 minutes" and then she'd go off to do another photo shoot or interview. She'd come do her make up with us and then she'd go and that would be our quality time together, poor girl."

It's something they encountered again at SXSW when they hang out with fellow Anti-Folkists and good friends Laura Marling and Johnny Flynn. "Our normal day was a gig or two then we'd kick back, have a BBQ and hang out with Laura and Johnny and watch them go from gig to gig and interview to interview" remembers Rosa. So there must be a part of you that's enjoying the roles being reversed tonight? "Yeah it's amazing, we're so used to being the support and having busier people around us but tonight it feels like we've made the step up" says Katy. And the promotion plans for the EP would certainly back that statement up.

Tonight is just the first of four special gigs organised for what they call as the "4 corners of London". Tonight is West then they take on The Enterprise (North), The Betsy Trotwood (East) and The Windmill (South) Four venue's Time Out magazine cheekily described as central, central, central and central. Not that the girls mind. They just take it in their stride and even find it funny, a humour that’s apparent in their music and no wonder when you discover who their influences are. "Definitely Jeffrey Lewis in terms of Anti-Folk and The Moldy Peaches, we love them” and it's that humour and those influences that they take into 'Body Parts' a record that's an obvious departure from previous release 'Television', a Seven inch they released just after Christmas. "It's a chance for us to explore new instruments and new sounds" beams Katy and "It captures a folky side to us that's always been there despite the punky element that came with our first two singles 'Television' and 'New Song'" finishes Rosa. "The new instruments we brought in, the Banjo and Violin really helped us to bring out that Folk sound as did Left Of Picture. They're a band we've played with a couple a times and we just really love how folk they are. There's loads of Folk out there at the moment but it's all influenced by different genres. Left of Picture however are quite down the line folk and we really love it that we now have that injection in our music" she continues.
As well as the two previous very different releases, the girls had also released monthly incidental recordings that again captured their fun side but only cemented how hard it was to pin them down to a genre. Fully aware of this they realised just how important it is that they've put down on record four tracks that so undeniably spell out the direction they're heading in terms of sound. "Television and New song were at two ends of the spectrum, one being our punky side the other our prettier one. We knew that it never really came across as what we were really like. So with 'Body Parts' we're delighted it says a lot about us and what we do and what we sound like. It’s captured the real Peggy Sue in our opinion" and with that Rosa and Katy look at each other and share a smile that's still evident when they take to the stage in front of a packed out venue.

As each glistening track goes by a swooning audience falls that little bit more in love with Peggy Sue who captivatingly play with their untainted heart on their vintage sleeve and with a passion and exuberance that 4or The Record very rarely comes across. Each track off the EP sound life afirmingly joyous and only adds to the excitement of possible future releases. "We definitely feel ready to make an album but first we're gonna release another EP before the end of the year, Steven Ansell (Blood Red Shoe's) is going to produce it. Plus we may cover Be Your Own Pet for our next monthly recording but that’s only in the pipeline. We've got 30 to 40 songs at our disposal and at least half are good enough for an album" say's Katy "Plus bonus tracks", "Yeah, and Itune releases" giggles Rosa.
It's clear that tonight’s taste of being the busy band has left an impression on Peggy Sue that will only serve in propelling them into major Indie starlets. And with the thump of beating hearts and echo’s of admiration undoubtedly still ringing in their ears from tonight’s breathtaking show, Peggy Sue will be winning overeven more crowds not just over the next three nights but well into the foreseeable future.

Feature by Daniel Wade
Photos by Richard Anderson

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