Saturday, 16 August 2008

Making Music Videos is Easier if You Know a Band

White Denim - Let's Talk About It
Dir. Carlos LaRotta

Cheesey 70s fake moustache and hearse style; uncomfortable tableau style framing and set-up; glorious Texas sunlight; down at the carwash; a fat guy shaking his tits; skewed surrealism; slow tracking camera movements. Sweet.

It took them 3 days to make it, which means low budget but lots of effort. I'm led to understand that the director has done a couple of things just hanging out with White Denim and would probably have had time to thrash out some strong ideas.

Oh yeah, thinking of this as a feature on music videos that are beautifully hand made rather than commissioned by some commercially minded executive I'm reminded of another video...

Langhorne Slim - In The Midnight
Dir. Paul Kermizian

As a constantly touring yet rooted member of the New York anti-folk scene Langhorne is always on the move and this video captured a real truth about his life at the time.

Using a yellow taxi cab, and New York at night, the video is simple yet wonderfully captivating and uses iconography from the artwork of Langhorne Slims album.

Another video that screams low budget to great effect. Either put together by a very canny director or formulated by the director and Langhorne, although as a fan of another of Paul Kermizians video (The Mystery Of Rock Drumming) I have a suspicion it might be the former.

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