Monday, 4 August 2008

The Moldy Peaches - S/T

Anyone who hates music has a whole lot of catching up to do. The Moldy Peaches loved to hate on music and somehow channelled that into some of the most fantastic not-music sounding turbulent laments.

Destroying rap, folk, indie and punk in a torrent of obnoxious vocal and sometimes musical songs on a self titled album. Rough Trade agreed to sign the Moldy Peaches in the midst of another American invasion in the early noughties they played joyfully in the showers, while the White Stripes and the Strokes swam the deep end of the pool of commercial success, singing at the top of their voices about crazy burgers (These Burgers Are Crazy), who might they stick their dicks in (Steak For Chicken) and who had the crack (Who’s Got The Crack, sic).

It was only the recent inclusion of Anyone Else But You on, faux-independent American cinema release, Juno that Adam Green and Kimya Dawson saw a kind of success considering they now both operate independently and have an agreement with each other not to play Moldy Peaches songs as solo artists. This agreement might have preserved something that makes this such a perfect anti-folk, get-together, fuck-like-crazy, smash-his-game-boy, wear-her-make-up, matching-fancy-dress-costumes, get-high-and-puke, watch-cartoons, don’t-answer-the-phone, rip-the-piss-out-of-everyone-else kind of an album.

The Peaches’ agreement with you was that you grew up with them, and continued to do so. They painted a picture of the childhood you may have had - illicitly downloading porn, pre-cursing a teenage life trying illegal drugs or falling completely, irretrievably in love. It’s reassuring to find that the pair matured, despite polished productions, as badly everyone else as they released every new solo album full of country mimickery (AG – Jacket Full Of Danger), video game references (KD – Knock Knock Who?) and unnecessary swearing (AG – Friends Of Mine).

Please honour your side of the agreement.

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