Wednesday, 27 August 2008

On record, Thomas Tantrum have been described as...

“melodic-jaunty-pop”, “spiky, guitar-tinged Indie” and “a bit shouty”. Live, however, their expansive hefty sound crushes said adjectives in an instant.
Looking and sounding like they’ve just clambered out of a Sub-Pop melting pot, it’s clear the playful side to their music is backed up by a brooding big brother sized sound that inevitably sets them apart from their Indie counterparts, The Maccabees et al.
The catchy,almost twee ‘Shake it Shake it’ is brought to life by a relentless stomp-athon of a drum beat that drags it’s way round your brain like a dismounted, tangled-up Jockey. And ‘PShandy’ is as close to an original take on a Karen O fronted 3-piece as you’ll ever get.
The standout track tonight however, is the formidable ‘Why The English Are Rubbish’. Miss Megan Thomas’ vocals are as delightfully quaint as ever but it’s the way in which she weaves her words around the run-away riffs that underlies the unique hybridity of Thomas Tantrum. Barnstormingly good.

Review by Daniel Wade
Photography by Richard Anderson

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